LiziLove was born on March 9, 2010. On April 19, 2010 she was picked up in a bush at a roadside near Jinshan gas station (in the city of Fuzhou, China). Her birth parents and relatives were never found so she was sent to an institution. It was there they diagnosed her with down syndrome and congenital heart defect (CHD).


Jinshan gas station grass in Fuzhou where LiziLove was found.


Unfortunately many institutions in China do not want to deal with children with special needs. They are often left in cribs malnourished or even worse left to die. But we believe God has a special plan for LiziLove! She was rescued by Christian missionaries on October 5, 2010 and we are so grateful for them for taking her in and showing her the love of Christ. In their care she was able to receive an open heart surgery which surely added many wonderful years to her young life. Without those amazing people, LiziLove would’ve never survived. God is truly AWESOME!

Size wise, LiziLove is very small but despite that she is doing quite well in her foster home. She’s currently busy learning English and sign language. And although we are anxious to get her here and evaluated by cardiologists here, we are grateful that she is being loved and taken care of until the day comes when we can bring her home.