For those of you who don’t know us, LiziLove will be coming into a big family. Even thoughLiziLove will be the smallest she is not the youngest.

Our baby is 3 year old Nayleigh Pie, sugar and (LOTS of smoking hot) spice and everything nice.LiziLove will fall in line after Nayleigh at age 5, she has been described to us as Sassy and in-charge, (she should fit right in.) Next Nadia who is not the oldest but is defiantly the family CEO.She will let you know right away she is a Tom-boy and loves Legos. Cameron is 9 and he is my snuggle bug, aka; A Mamas Boy. Asia is 11 and quite the princess with a beautiful voice. Her world revolves around her Daddy. Jadyn is 13 and just outgrew me. He is everything boy, loves fishing and is going to be a wonderful provider for a lucky little wife one day. Janaya at 13 going on 21 outgrew me years ago lol she has a beautiful heart for missions and loves working out with her Daddy. And the oldest Jivonna is almost 15 and she is my little Angel. She is fun and goofy (okay really goofy) and is always up for something new, aka something mischievous. To say the least we are blessed….