Okay, okay, you can quit laughing now. I know I said I would never, ever blog and yet here I am. I guess the moral of that story is never say never, because something will happen to ensure your never will be your now.

And for me that something began on September 26, 2012. That was the day my sister brought home Yixi, a bubbly, happy, very tiny, little girl from China with down syndrome. Her smile lights up the room and everybody that meets this little girl has an instantaneous smile. You just can’t help it! You’ll smile until your cheeks hurt and then smile some more. I have always known I’ve wanted to adopt but when, where, who was unclear. From that moment in life I at least knew I had a little girl in China that was “Down” right perfect. But it wasn’t until my sister brought home her second little girl from China with Down syndrome, that I knew who.

My new little niece, Amy, had a best friend that was still an orphan. And thus started our adoption journey to bring home our LizieLove and Amy’s best friend and cousin.